Seraph Of The End Episode 1 Exclusive Insight

Exclusive pictures of Seraph of the End episode 1 leaked out

If you are a fan of the manga genre, you probably have already heard of the new series called Seraph of the End episode 1 and episode 2. The animation was a great success when it first aired its first season, from April 2015 to July 2015. The story was written by Takaya Kagami and the visuals were ensured by Yamato Yamamoto, a pioneer in the field and responsible for plenty of mangas so far.

However, true fans of the series will definitely not get excited over just two seasons of the show, a series of special episodes and a game. The game’s producers in collaboration with various websites already prepared more surprises to fans, including some Seraph of the End episode 1 exclusive photos that have never been revealed before.

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If you truly want to make your way into the fantastic world of Seraph of the End, then, as a true fan, you will never be pleased with only what meets the eye. This is why the producers have put together a series of photos which were never released before, all from episode 1 that can be accessed only by true fans of the series.

Assuming you are a true series’ fan, the life of Yu and Mika already seems like a new and fascinating parallel universe, with plenty of plotlines and things to discover. The series is worth watching again and again because each time you will watch an episode again you will discover new details that you have previously missed. From backgrounds and characters that offer hints about the heroes’ future battles to character lines that can be interpreted in multiple ways, there is certainly something new to discover each episode. And why not benefit from exclusive insight as well while on it?

True fans will be delighted to hear that soon enough, with just  a click of the button, they will be able to have full access on a series of exclusive photos which were never released before from the Seraph of the End episode 1.

Unseen Photos of Seraph of the End episode 1

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Everyone knows that the pilot episode of each show often contains the most condensed characterization of heroes and the action that will take place in the further season. Often enough the pilot episode also features certain “premonitions” regarding how the characters will evolve and what will happen with them throughout the show. This is why the Seraph of the End episode 1 is so important to watch. Moreover, with just a click of a button you will also have the possibility to see some photos that are actual cut scenes from the series that will probably offer a brand new insight on the TV show and the evolution of characters.

Step into the magical world of vampires and teenagers who are kept hostages as blood banks but want to escape and kill the enemies by joining the Moon Demon Company, Japan’s very own secret society army dedicated to hunting down and exterminating vampires. The manga TV series adaptation sticks close enough to the original series throughout seasons 1 and 2 and often emphasizes on the relationship between Mika and Yu, as well as Yu’s special powers revealed on the final episode of season 1.

So why not take a closer look at the series’ characters with exclusive access to websites and pages containing never revealed before pictures with your favorite heroes? All you have to do is stay tuned and follow the links in this page and you will easily be able to access photos that were never shown before and be the first one to have insights. Cut-out scenes by developers and directors, as well as maybe some mysterious characters or situations – these are only some of the news you will experience with the exclusive pictures of Seraph of the End episode 1.

So what is more to say? No matter who is your favorite character or the faith you wish upon the heroes of this manga series turned into a successful TV show, if you are a fan you will definitely want insights on exclusive photos and other extras or collectibles. Simply stay tuned and follow the links in the sections below to download your very own special photos of Seraph of the End episode 1, never seen before.


The plot of Seraph of the End – first season

 Exclusive Owari no seraph episode 1 picturesAlso known as “Owari no Seraph”, the first season of Seraph of the End tells a tragic story. After the appearance of a deadly virus on Earth, 90% of the total population is extinct, apart from youngsters 3 of age and below. In the same time, vampires come on Earth and transform all children into slaves and food banks. The manga tells the story of a boy named Hyakuya Yuuichirous who is used as a food reserve, along with his colleagues from the Hyakuya orphanage. However, even in captivity, our hero dreams big and is determined to fight against vampires and not stop until he kills them all.

The first season is entitled Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign and has every details of a successful manga: a good plot, funny characters with heroic accents, a bit of drama and horror, as well as good music and suspense. The series was extremely successful and returned, in the fall of 2015, with a new season.


Seraph of the End – second season

 The second season is entitled Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya and came from the Japanese anime studio, With Studio. If you enjoyed the first season of this anime series, then you should definitely watch the second season as well. The producers promised to complicate even more the plotline and offer the heroes even cooler weapons to fight against evil forces. However, Battle in Nagoya will not make too much sense unless you have watched the entire first season. All plots are connected and without carefully watching each and every episode of the first season, especially episode 1, you will get tangled and mixed up in things that do not make too much sense.

So, unless you are a fan of the genre, the second season is definitely not for you. Moreover, if you haven’t fully watched season 1 first, there is no chance you will get a grip on the plotline, the characters and their development without questioning your sanity and your ability of scheming every five minutes.

However, the second cour of Seraph of the End TV series is far different from the plot originally developed in the manga. The twelve episodes composing the second TV series were written under the supervision of great Takaya Kagami and the ending might even manage to surprise you if you were previously acquainted with the manga version.

But by far the best improvement of the second TV series is the weapons vampires receive. While Yu is your typical flat hero with plenty of flaws and aiming to only save Mika from the hands of the vampires, the vampires are the ones who really make the show going and keeping you alert at any times. The other secondary characters are close to inexistent and only display a main character feature. But the vampires are the ones who really got the extra attention from the creator of the series. The so-called Demon Weapons receive a cool upgrade in the second season so they are really worth watching. Will Yu be able to save his friend Mika from the cruel intentions of vampires and even turn him away from his acquired vampirism? Will Mika be strong enough to resist feeding with human blood or will he give in temptation and embrace his new condition?


Further development

You can watch the entire season 2 online, as well as season 1 and decide for yourself if the manga will captivate your eyes. In addition, apart from the two seasons already aired from the show, there is also a list of special episodes, entitled Seraph of the End Special, which features nine special episodes which have stories not related to the seasons.

And, if you felt like something is still missing in your life, find out that there is also scheduled a musical adaptation of the series to run in theaters starting with February 2017.

Also, the “Owari no Seraph: Unmei no Hajimari” or the “Beginning of Destiny” game deputed in Japan in this winter and received great reviews from the players and connoisseurs. The game is falling into the category of “dramatic tactics”, which means that all the decisions the main character takes throughout the game will influence the ending. The main feature of the game is the introducing of a different category called “family level”. Basically, the heroes of the game must create and maintain bonds with different characters throughout the game and increase their “family levels”. Each new bond with a soldier will increase the family levels and will allow the player to view special scenes with their friends. As the character’s family level increases, he will have the chance to experience different endings to the story.