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There is no one better at the mangas than Japanese people, but this doesn’t mean that the genre is not embraced by people of all age categories across the world. And what better way to show your appreciation of the genre if not turning a successful manga story into a two season TV series with worldwide premieres, English subtitles and an entire additional industry of collectibles and special gifts for fans across the world?


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But no manga turned into TV show series is complete without a full “pack of goodies” delivered to the fans. Apart from the two seasons of the Owari no Seraph, fans can also delight themselves with a mini-series of nice special episodes. Although the episodes follow the same characters, the plot does not relate with the original serials.

A musical written and performed after the manga series is set to premier in Japan in February while the PC game Owari no Seraph was released this winter and received good critics from both game lovers and fans.

But what would be the world of anime without some collectible items for fans to cherish for the rest of their lives? We know anime and manga characters are extremely popular in Japan and that an entire world is created around them. So why not have the costumes of your favorite Owari no Seraph characters for you to wear?


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Chinese retailer Aliexpress understood the needs of Japanese fans, as well as those around the globe the need to feel closer to their beloved characters so it is now selling costumes inspired by the ones worn in the anime series. Choose your favorite costume and make sure to wear it with pride at all manga and anime conventions or to your own parties inspired by the cool manga series.

You can choose from different vampire and warrior-inspired costumes that resemble almost identically with the ones worn by the characters in the TV show. Disguise yourself as Mikaela, Krul Tepes, Guren Ichinose, Hiiragi Shinoa, Yu or many others and share your loved for this amazing series.

Prices are for all pockets but most complete uniforms, as well as the accessories, do not exceed $70 – $75.

Imagine how many cool parties you could attend wearing the costumes! Or, even better, if you and your friends love the series, you could all purchase similar costumes and put on your own show, each playing his or her favorite character. And what about Halloween parties? Are you not tired of the same lame vampire, angel and devil costumes? Why not try the new vampire cool this year or impress your friends wearing the complete attire from Owari no Seraph?

Follow the links in this article or take your shot to the Aliexpress website and purchase your favorite Owari no Seraph epsisode 1 costume right now? Apart from being the soul of the party, you will get to experience your friends’ face in awe when they see how good you resemble the anime character of your choice. Or, even better, you can ask your non-fan friends to try to guess the character you dressed.

Although Owari no Seraph episode 1 may not be the most appreciated manga turned into TV show, it has been successful enough amongst fans of the genre and not only. So why not benefit from this amazing opportunity and purchase your own garment with your favorite TV show character?

There are numerous options and reinterpretations to choose from, but all of them are made from fine materials and with close cuts to resemble the original as much as possible.


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Step into a world of full fantasy with the new costumes available on Aliexpress and become the reign of your own party next time! Convince your friends to dress up as their own favorite characters from Owari no Seraph and try to fight against vampires yourselves! Get your Owari no Seraph episode 1 suit now and join the parties, like many others all over the world are doing right now.

Meet the 2014 – 2015 most appreciated manga turned anime TV show, Owari no Seraph or, as it is known amongst its international fans, Seraph of the End.


What is Owari no Seraph?

You may be tempted to say “not another story about vampires turned into a TV show”, but we promise you this is nothing like you would expect.

Owari no Seraph episode 1 premiered back in 2014 but ever since then got fans obsessed across the world. Written by Takaya Kagami, the show’s first series is remotely similar to the manga version in terms of characters and plotline. However, the second series varies massively from the manga version, especially when it comes to the plotline. Good upgrade most fans would say, since the characters receive new destinies and endings.


Owari no Seraph season 1

The manga also known as “Seraph of the End” revolves around the idea that after a deadly virus takes upon earth, only around 10% of the population survives, and especially children of the age of 13 and below. But the world is soon invaded by vampires who take all remaining people and turn them into slaves or blood banks. The story’s main character is named Yuuichirous Hyakuya and comes from the Hyakuya orphanage. While being captive of the vampires, the hero only dreams about becoming powerful enough to fight against vampires and kill them all, eventually. In his quest against the villains, Yu received the help of his beloved friend Mika, who unfortunately is captured by the vampires and turned into a vampire himself. Yu struggles to set Mika free and possibly even finding a cure to reverse his vampirism and turn Mika into a human being again.

The first season goes under the name of “Owari no Seraph: Vampire Reign” and was successfully received by manga fans. The story’s notoriety soon turned it into an even more successful TV show with two seasons, each displaying 12 episodes.


Owari no Seraph season 2 episode 1 to 12

 After the TV show’s great success, the series returned in the fall of 2015 with the second season. However, this one fell into the hands of Takaya Kagami and suffered visible transformations differing from the manga’s original plot and character display.

But with the second season also come numerous modifications which are to bring thrill and joy to the fan’s series. Since Owari no Seraph season 2 episode 1 he story’s characters refuse to evolve and even the series’ hero, Yu, remains rather annoying and childish and, overall, a flat character. Full of flaws yet receiving points for friendship and dedication, Yu joins the Japanese army anti-vampire forces in a heroic attempt to save his friend and the humankind.

However, the main improvement that the second series receives from the creator is regarding the battle of vampires against the remaining humans. The creator wanted to make things more interesting and keep you in suspense at all times so he improved the weapons the vampires use against mortals.

Needless to say the result is spectacular, adding thrill, emotions and a sense of fright to all fans watching the show. The Demon weapons seem cooler and harder than ever, but it is in the hands of Yu the future of humanity and of his friend, Mika. Will he manage to defeat the army of vampires and save Mika from slavery? Will Mika finally embrace the vampire condition and turn against his own kind and betraying Yu? Will Yu manage to save Mika in time or will he start devouring human blood as well in an attempt to feed himself as a new born vampire? All the suspense started in Owari no Seraph season 2 episode 1 will remain until the end!


Is the show worth it?

 If you are a fan of the manga genre, this particular story may not seem such a thrill at the beginning. The characters are rather flat and the entire adventure only lasts a short while. However, the creator of the TV show got extremely creative and added dynamism to the entire plot, especially by hooking up vampires with some of the coolest weapons you have ever seen.

Although we suggest you should go through the Owari no seraph episode 1, the TV series is dense enough to tell its own story without the backup of the manga version. Sure, there are numerous things changed in the second season of the TV show as the events depicted by the manga, but this only adds more tragedy to the characters and determines them to shape their own destinies, away from the manga version.

The show is worth watching only if you are into animes and enjoy this type of TV series. However, we suggest you should start with the first season and especially with Owari no Seraph episode 1 to get a hold to the story. The story evolves throughout the season and if you miss just one episode, it may be hard to follow the next time you pick it up.

Moreover, do not start with the season 2 as you won’t be able to keep up with the plot and characters. Without understanding the background depicted in the Owari no seraph episode 1, it won’t make too much sense and may determine you to leave the show even before starting to actually watch it.